Saturday, August 28, 2010

Where Does Creativity Come From? - by John Cleese

this man has the answer. clever talk that could help you get shit done.

Radio 1 - Pizza Guy Pranks

glorious scott mills, and a genuine scottish bastard. i''d love to buy a pizza there.

Amazing feeding frenzy! Whales , Murrs and Gulls ambush Herring

watch till the end. well worth it. :)

US Airways Grand Slam Promotion

Step up to the plate. Get up to 100,000 bonus miles (6,000 of which are Preferred-qualifying miles) with every major-league hit. Get your hits between September 1 and November 14, 2010.
should be able to get to 16 hits without spending too much money or breaking my balls. that's 20,000 miles, including 6,000 PQM! :)


我的第一篇文章. :)
my first post. :)

now let's rock this shit.